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never rushed

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There is an ancient story about an Empress, who was feeling sad and wished all the flowers in the land to bloom early so as to cheer herself up. 

This Empress usually was granted what she wished.  And the next day, all the flowers bloomed...except for the peony.

She was so upset that she had the peonies banned, uprooted, and moved to a different city.

Once they arrived in their new home, the peony then bloomed in all its glory.

Peonies cannot be rushed.  They bloom in their own time.

Like the peony, each of us blooms in our own way, in our own time. 

And what of the bud...

the bud is as beautiful as the bloom.

With all of its anticipation of what will come, we miss all the beauty in what is.

The bud will open, I promise.

And what of the mature bloom?  

Its soft, hanging petals paint a whole new masterpiece.

Like the peony, don't be rushed.  Every season is beautiful. ❤️



This collection is meant to be nestled on a bookshelf beside your favorite novel, lounging on a mantle,  tucked by your bedside, gathered amongst others on a wall, or sleeping in a quiet nook. Place them where your eye will catch them daily, whether it's a glance, a nod,  a gaze, or a wink. I want you to be reminded daily of their message...

Every season is beautiful.  Don't be rushed. ❤️





9 x 6" inches (28.86cm x 15.24cm) - a subtle glance

12 x 8" inches (30.48cm x 20.32cm) - a nod

15 x 10" inches (63.5cm x 25.4cm) - a lingered gaze

18 x 12" inches (45.72cm x 30.48cm) - "Here's looking at you kid" wink

These sizes do not include the .39 in (1 cm) white border.


Please allow up to two weeks from your order date for your print to arrive as it will be printed especially for you. Because of current Covid circumstances, there may be some delays in printing and delivery.

Fine art prints are printed on-demand onto Hahnemühle Photo Rag. 100% Cotton, white and matte 308g/m².

The fine art photography lab uses Epson UltraChrome Pro pigments.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag is always produced with at least .39 in. (1cm) of the white border to ensure accurate cutting edges.

Any film grain and blur are intentional.